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can't stop the rain from fallin' [userpic]

American Idol, 2010 Tour. <3 <3

July 14th, 2010 (04:18 pm)

Okay, here we go. Bear with me. This is going to be LONG, but well worth the read, I promise. If you just want to read the M&G portion, scroll down to the bolded title. :) And I’m pissed at this note cause I wrote like 7 zillion words, and then it erased right when I was done it, and now it’s GONE. :| Take 2, here we go.

So me, Ko, Mila, and Lauren met up at Union station at 9:30, took the 10AM bus to Hamilton, and spent the bus ride putting together our gifts for the boys. And spazzing, just a little. A little...... :) So, when we got to Hamilton, Katie met us outside the Go terminal, and we walked over to Copps! At Copps, there was a line by the front doors by a couple tour busses, so we joined up that line. Destynie and Nicole were there, so it was awesome to be able to hang out with them for a bit. After a couple hours, Aaron’s mom walked by the line. Ko and I spotted her RIGHT away, grabbed Mila, and went over to her. We talked to her for a long time, because she said she recognized us and was happy to see us. We saw her multiple times throughout the afternoon, but all in all we talked about the beautiful Toronto, how she went to the Toronto Jazz Festival last night, the neighbors in their hometown getting fanmail, Aaron’s offers he’s been getting (AMAZING, YOU WILL LOVE IT, AARON FANS!), how we’re awesome and she hopes we meet him, the heat, and SO much more. It was amazing, and she was SO sweet. She told us she’d see us later, hopefully, and then went back inside. We sat around for some more, and then, after 7ish hours of waiting in the hot sun, and not getting any more than a glimpse at the idols’ silhouettes coming in on their busses, we decided to leave to get cleaned up for the show.
So, we get to Lauren and Mila’s hotel room, fix our hair, our make up, and hang out in the air conditioning (no fun sitting in 42 degrees (over 100F, fyi Americans) for almost 7 hours. Anyways, then after a while of sorting through the gift bags, fixing up the scrapbook for Aaron, etc - we headed to McDonalds right beside the hotel & venue. We ate fast, and went over to will call to pick up all the won tickets! Because of contests and giveaways, Naomi, Katie, Ali, and Megan all got to come as well, AMAZING! :) We went over to the merch table once we got inside, and I bought the Tim headshot, the Aaron headshot, and a keychain. I wanted a tour book, but it was like, $30. Are you serious? As I was making my way to my seat, the ‘Live Like We’re Dying’ video by Kris Allen was on the screens. Fate? I think so. I remembered last year at the show when they were playing David Cook videos that I said ‘NEXT TOUR THEY’LL PLAY KRIS ALLEN!’ So we noted that next tour, they’ll be playing Lee’s videos! Then, after waiting and spazzing etc, the show started!
DIDI opened the show. She was adorable, did Terrified, obviously, and I loved her set. Only 2 songs up until Siobhan, but that’s alright. Better than nothing, I guess?
Then, next was ANDREW. He did Straight Up, duh....and then Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. It was hilarious, he was trying to pump everyone up, but they weren’t having it. No one stood. Kind of sad, actually, hahaha.
Then, there was KATIE! She is a POWERHOUSE, oh my goodness. On the show, she was good - but I didn’t realize she was THAT good! She sang Demi and Christina Aguilera, so I was happy. :) She dropped the mic, and LOLed at herself, and it was hilarious, but yeah, love her!
Who was next? Hmmm, I don’t remember. Jokes, HELLO TIM URBAN! He was terrific, obviously, as he was the one who I was just a little bit excited for, haha. He did Viva La Vida and Better Days, both amazing songs to begin with, and Tim knocked them out of the park! I was so proud of him, and he got the loudest screams up to this point, so that was awesome. At one point, Mila held up a sign that said ERICA! with an arrow pointing to me, and he winked and nodded at me, that was awkward and embarrassing. LOL....
Next up was Siobhan! She’s killer. Screams, crazy outfits, dark lighting, headbanging - the works. She’s legendary hahaha.
You are the most adorable little thing, AARON KELLY! He was also one that I was most excited for. He did Walking in Memphis, Fast Cars and Freedom, and Somebody Like You! He totally is country, and he’ll totally BE country. So excited for what’s coming up for him after tour, PUMPEDD. We went up to the stage for him, cause Mila really wanted to, but we got sent away right away. Sucky, but whatever, our seats were still pretty sweet!
After Aaron, the bottom 6 came out and did The Climb. Beautiful. <3
During intermission, Naomi and Katie called me over to their seats. I went over, and they informed me that from the texting contest to win backstage passes, Naomi won two! But that wasn’t the best part! The best part was that she managed to get 6 rxtras, so we could ALL go back! I spent the rest of the intermission running around the venue, finding all my friends in their seats and telling them that we were ALL GOING BACKSTAGE AFTER THE SHOW! We were all pretty much dying. Then, the show started again, and it started up with ...
Big Mike! He was his usual big cheesefest, but I loved it. He did friggen Justin Timberlake! That was stellar, ahahahah.
After him was the cougar fest Casey! He did his crazy guitar solos, country songs, etc etc. He was actually pretty rad, and I didn’t really even like him on the show.
Crystal is SO amazing, I don’t know why I didn’t like her on the show. Her voice is so ridiculous, and it’s all completely natural. WOW, she’s a beast. She did amazing songs that suited her so well, and I surprised myself by actually enjoying her set!
Last but not least, we got an awesome set from the winner, LEE DEWYZE! He was amazing, with his winning single, Hallelujah (I C U stealing Tim’s thunder), Treat Her Like a Lady, and USE SOMEBODY! That turned out to be the song of the night, ahhah! But yeah, then after a collab of the whole top 10 doing ‘It’s My Life’ and ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’, the show was el completo.

There was the nicest woman sitting next to me during the concert. She LOVED Aaron, Lee, and Casey - and we had some good times screaming and flailing during their sets!

HERE’S THE GOOD PART, people creeping for the after party stories! I'll bold the Tim and Aaron parts, cause they are the best. If anything, read those. <3 So proud and excited about this, so I love it that I can share the story. <3

We all met up at the back of the floor, and were led to a room where we were told about how it is an “informal meet and greet, you can talk about anything, get pics, autographs, whatever you want!” So, we were stoked. We were told they’d come in around 5-10 minutes, but after like, 2 minutes - Tim and Aaron came in grinning from ear to ear, followed by the rest of the Idols! The first Idol I went up to was Aaron. I went over with Ko and Mila so we could give him his gift basket. He was SOO excited. He told us he recognized us cause we’re the 3 who tweet him all the time, and he was so excited we were there. That’s when his mom came in, and was talking about how she was SO excited that out of everyone in the venue, we were the ones who got to come hang backstage. He was SO excited looking at the snuggie, dogtag, waterguns, cards, and more that we got him. He asked us all for HUGE hugs (multiple, not just one each, LOL love this kid) and said it was the best fangifts EVER!!!!!.

After that, I decided it was time to go find another Idol, so I turned around and Didi was literally RIGHT there. So I was like, “oh, hai!” And we hugged, talked about how awesome Canada is and Toronto is, and how she’d love to come back. She said we were the best crowd, and she loved being here. I forgot to get a pic with her, wtf. Oh well, anyways, then Katie walked into the room (she wasn’t there before? Weird....)

Since I was by the door, I went up to her, next. Told her she was amazing, and she said it was so embarassing how she dropped the mic. I told her it was okay, everyone still thought she was amazing. We hugged, took a photo, and walked over to the back of the room together, where her brother was hanging out with Mike and Andrew and Siobhan. Siobhan was drawing on his arm, and Katie turned to me and was like “They ALWAYS draw all over my brother, I don’t get it!” and we all laughed. Then I talked to Siobhan about how ridiculous her voice is, and she hugged me. Big Mike squeezed me and called me “little sweetie”, and Andrew LOLed and walked over to Tim. That’s when I realized I hadn’t even talked to Tim yet! So I decided I’d rather not get pics with the other 3 I was just with, so I could go hang out with Turban.

When I went over to Tim, he was talking to Naomi about the Beatles. Then, Naomi left to find another Idol or something (LOL, idk ... was just paying attention to Tim) and he turned to me and was like, “Oh, hey!!!!” The girls had brought me up to him before, and told him I was there, and he remembered me and said he knew I’d be there or something? IDK, so then when I saw him he seemed excited! I handed him the gift basket we all got him, and he was SO pumped. He looked in, and the first thing that he saw was the snuggie and I told him that I don’t know if he’d need it because it’s SO HOT, but he was like, “You know, I was actually JUST talking about wanting one on the bus the other day, because it’s so FRIGGEN COLD ON THERE”, and then we laughed. I told him I got Aaron on too, and then he and I looked over to Aaron, where Mila was helping him put on his dogtag. Tim was like, “Ooooh, what’s going on over there?!” and like wiggled his eyebrows. I was like, “She must be helping him put on the dogtag, HAHA. You got one too!” and he was pumped. He told me that he’d look through it all later, and tweet me and message me what he thought of it. (Which he actually has done, twice int he past day. :D) Anywho, then I asked him what he thought of Toronto. I asked him if he stayed in Hamilton or Toronto the night before, and he said he was in Toronto, and went up to the top of the needle the night before, and that it was SO AWESOME! I was like, “Oh yeah the CN Tower! It’s so terrifying up at the top! And he LOLed really hard at that. He said that he actually loved Canada, and he wanted to definitely come back. He told me his plans for after tour, and then promised that he’d come to Canada on his tour when he has one. At that point, some girls ran up to him, squealed and asked for a photo, so I told him I’d be back soon, and he was like, “OKAY!!”

I wandered up to Crystal after that. She was the same height as me, so weird. As she was signing the picture, she said that she really wished Canadians could vote because we were all so awesome. She was hilarious, she was like, “I know it’s AMERICAN Idol, but....you watch! So you should vote!” And then we took a photo together. ^___^

Then, I spotted Lee. I ran up to him, told him that before I forgot, I wanted to let him know that I’m friends with his cousin, and he was like, “Oh, yeah yeah! She told me that she knew someone here! That’s awesome! Hey!” And he gave me a huge grin and hug. We took a photo a little later, but I’ll just include it in the Lee section here, and he rubs EVERYONE’S backs when you’re posing, it’s hilarious.

After that, I went over to talk to Ko and Casey, who were in a very deep conversation. While I was talking to Casey about the really hot weather in Hamilton, and how he didn’t know it got so hot up here, Tim and me locked eyes from across the room. I’m not delusional and think he’s in love with me, it just excited me. He smiled at me, and then went back to talking to the other fan he was signing for. Me and Ko both took pics with Casey, and then since I didn’t particularly care for him on the show that much, I told him he was great, he grinned, hugged me, and then I went over to Tim again, where he was talking to Mila.

They were talking about high school graduation, and how Mila was scared she was going to trip on stage, and Lauren agreed. Then I said that I had to coach myself in my head going up the stairs, because I was so paranoid. And he was like, “Yeeeah, I’m pretty sure I tripped at mine....” And I LOLed and said I wish I could have seen that, and he like, scowled and grinned at me, it was adorable. After that, Mila mentioned about how some guy at hers fist pumped on stage cause people dared him to, and then Tim was like, “There’s always that one person who comes out and like ..... *fist pumps*, and everyone’s like, all shifty and like OK BYE!” and then he walked away and LOLed and came back. It was hilarious. He then asked us what we graduated from, and they said high school. I told him I graduated 2 years ago, that I was almost 20. He was like, “Oh, I would have guessed you were around 18 too! But don’t take that the wrong way!! That’s a good thing!! People think I’m 21, and I’m like ......” And I was like, “Um, Tim, you ARE 21?” And he was like, Hahah, yeah, I was just trying to make you feel better. Then Mila mentioned her audition she had the next day, and it went a little something like this, in the words of Mila. At this point, I was zoned out cause I couldn’t believe I was having this huge convo with TIM, so Mila says it happened like this, “I was like “Oh…well I have this audition tomorrow for a commercial downtown” and he was like “Oh! Cool!” and Aaron’s mum was also there. Erica was like “Yep! She’s gonna be famous!” so I was like “Hum…yeah…uh..maybe…well..idk…uh..” and Tim was like imitating me somehow..I forget.” And then he looked at me and told me that he thought she was going to be famous too. I wanted to say that maybe they’d tour together, but then I realized that if she landed a print ad, she wouldn’t go on a world music tour, LOL lame-o. We asked Tim if he Anyways, then we talked for a bit longer, and then I walked over to Aaron, where Mila was talking to him about Tim Hortons. She was like, “You’ve never been to Harveys?!” And he was like, “WHAT? HERBY’S?” It was hilarious. He’s such a cutie. So then we talked to Aaron for longer. At that point, he had his dogtag on, so I was like, “Oh, Aaron! I’m glad you love it so much!” And he grinned and hugged me again and told me it was the best thing ever. Then, without thinking, I lifted it off his chest and looked at it. I don’t know what I was doing, but he was like, “It’s so cool, isn’t it?!" And I grinned, he's too adorable. I guess he was eaves dropping on us as well, because as he was walking by, he heard us talking, WHIPPED his head around and was like "DID YOU JUST SAY EH?!?!??!" and it was hilarious. He loved it. Tim also seemed to, he laughed everytime one of us said it...... hahahah. <3

Then, Aaron had to leave and started walking out. At this point, it was only us in there, and the only 2 Idols still in there were Tim and Aaron. So, I went over to say bye to Aaron one more time, and his mom was there. Aaron told us to have a safe and good trip home, and to roll down the windows and blast some music. Then he proceeded to fist pump the air and headbang. It was hilarious, wish I had filmed that LOL. Then we told Aaron’s mom we’d message her with reviews we find from the show, and keep her posted, because she’d asked us to do that earlier that afternoon. Aaron told us he was going to twitpic himself in the snuggie, and we said that we got Tim one too. Then, he looked so distraught and was like “ARE THEY THEY SAM!? D:” So I told him that his eas blue, and Tim’s was brown, and he told us he’d take a picture for us of the two of them wearing them. Aaron grinned at us one last time, said bye, promised he’d keep in touch via twitter about the gift basket and what he thought, and walked away.

Then, there was only Tim left. He was walking around to say bye to the other fans in there (like, 2 others LOL) and Naomi decided she wanted to ask him to sing with her. So she called him over just as he was being ushered out. She was like “I know this is a little weird, but could you and me sing together? It would be amazing.” And then someone was like “TIM WE HAVE TO LEAVE” and he said that he was only staying a few more minutes, and grinned at us. So then he asked her what she wanted to sing, and they decided on Use Somebody. I recorded it, and my friends were LOLing at me because I was in awe. Like, HELLO. Private Tim urban concert backstage with just him, me, and my best friends?! Insane. They finished singing, and he said bye to all of us. He then also promised that the second he crossed back over the border, he could use his phone again and he’d tweet me about the gifts, and what he thought. He tweeted me this morning about how he and Aaron would take a picture ASAP in them, which means they must have discussed it. Heheh girlies, we win. ANYWAYS. Then it was all over, and we squeed, and went back to Naomi’s.

Phew. That was friggen long. BUT READ IT. :| :)

can't stop the rain from fallin' [userpic]

(no subject)

November 21st, 2008 (01:16 am)

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I won't post anything about what I think about the movie for now, because it just came out about an hour ago ... and I doubt anyone has showtimes for 1AM. But I was lucky enough to see it last night, and OOOH man. I can't get over how AMAZING it was.

Sure, compared to the books [don't shoot me], the movie was terrible. But like, after looking back on the movie, it really was PERFECT. <3

And RPattz of COURSE is the love of all loves. <3 Ever.


can't stop the rain from fallin' [userpic]

i'm reduced to squees.

November 5th, 2008 (06:32 pm)

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My heart; let me introduce you to Matt Prokop.


get ready game on!Collapse )

can't stop the rain from fallin' [userpic]

Jonas Brothers - July 3, July 4.

July 7th, 2008 (12:42 pm)

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Yeaah. I never really had anything to write about in my livejournal...my life is just that boring.
Although, I did see my heroes for the first time a couple days ago, and I just needed to write about that.

A little background - I have been a Jonas Brothers fan since November 2005, so you can guess how excited I was that I was finally able to make it out to a date [thank you Jonas for coming to Canada] on July 4th, 2008.

We left for Toronto on Thursday the 3rd, and got there around 10:30 AM. We went straight to Much Music, because we heard about the lines and insane crowds, and wanted to check it out for ourselves. Once we got there, we saw how true that really was. Blocks and blocks of people were there, dancing, blasting Jonas, and screaming. After meeting up with Katie to give her the tickets to the show, we walked back to the car. We knew there was NO way we'd get close to the stage, and we wanted to get good seats for the dress rehearsal. On our way back to the car, we ran into 2 Much Music VJs, Devon and Sarah, and the drummer from Camp Rock! That was exciting. We took a few pictures and ran to the car.

After checking into the hotel and fixing ourselves up, we drove straight to the Molson Amphitheatre. We met up with Gillian and Cassandra to get our wristbands, and got straight into line. After about 3 hours of waiting, everyone was just sitting down, dying of heat. That is, until someone screamed. No one knew what was going on, until we all looked up at the balcony in front of us, and saw NICK JONAS waving at us! The next couple hours, everyone was standing right at the edge of the barricades, waiting for the other boys. Kevin came out a short while later, and everyone went insane again. He stood out there for the longest, just looking at all of us, grinning, and waving. At one point, the men filming the BURNING UP TOUR 3D MOVIE asked us to scream really loudly, because he was trying to get Joe to come out onto the balcony. Finally, Joseph came out and waved. It was amazing.


The funniest thing was probably when some girl who was just at Ontario Place, and not at the Molson, came up to us in line and was like ‘What are you guys waiting for?!’ And we told her that the Jonas Brothers were playing there that night, and she FREAKED, and called all her friends, ahahaha. Lame.

After 2 more hours, they finally let us inside. Or that's what we thought. We all RAN really fast, and reached yet another barricade, where they made us stand for another 2 and a half hours before we got inside. As we were waiting in this line, the boys' 2 black SUVs drove RIGHT BY us on their way down to Much Music to film the Live @ Much. That was so exciting, because it was literally a foot away. That's the closest I thought I'd get. Even though everyone was COMPLETELY squished together in line, people all managed to just sit there, blast Jonas, look at teenie magazines, and complain about the heat until they let us in. About half an hour before we got to go in, Live Nation people walked down the rows of people, putting wristbands on the people that had been there the longest. The wristband [I got one] ensured that we'd be on the floor for the dress rehearsal. Then, we could go in. At least, that's what we thought AGAIN. They came out [the Molson security guards] and told us that we had to WALK in, or they'd make us stop and wait again. And what do you know, everyone ran. People should know that Jonas Brothers fans are insane, and don't do anything if it involves waiting any longer. So we FINALLY got in, and bolted to the security lines. We weren't allowed cameras on that night, so we had to check out bags. We were really mad at this point, because people who had no bags to check were running in [it was first come, first serve], so we were thinking we'd have horrible seats. After about 10 minutes, we checked our bags and cameras and ran the fastest we've EVER run into the Amphitheatre. We were shocked, because after all that, we ended up in the SECOND ROW on Nick's side of the stage. Although about a minute later, we realized that we were so close there, it would be hard to see Kevin and everything on the other side of the stage, so we ran back, and got 10th row right beside the end of the catwalk, which is amazing because they are on the end of the catwalk ALOT.


As we were waiting for the show to start, we heard screams from behind us. So we turned around, and JORDAN FRANCIS [Hasta La Vista guy from Camp Rock] was standing right behind us, taking pictures and signing autographs. So we ran up to him, got pictures, hugs and autographs on our wristbands. As we were walking back to our seats, we saw Michael Seater [Derek on Life With Derek], Selena Gomez [Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place], Maya Kibbel [the Jonas Brothers’ best friend], and Danielle [unknown, but rumoured to be Kevin Jonas’ girlfriend]. So we went over and talked to them for a few seconds, and then went back to out seats. After half an hour or so of sitting there and listening to all the girls [and a surprising amount of boys] screaming, the curtain on the stage dropped, revealing the JB drums, guitars, and stage. Everyone SCREAMED, and there was a big opening thing with fire, and a man coming out onto the stage with a torch. They played this little video on the screen about the Jonas Brothers being lost, and using OnStar to help them find the Molson. After they “finally found it” it showed them walking in, and then the screen went black. After the band [GARBO! <3] came out and played instrumentals, there was silence. Everyone SCREAMED once again [seems like a trend at Jonas shows] and then ‘That’s Just The Way We Roll’ started playing. Before I knew it, I saw the middle of the stage disappear, and there was something coming out of it. After watching it rising for another couple minutes, I realized what it was. KEVIN, JOE, AND NICK JONAS COMING OUT OF THE STAGE. I really couldn’t believe they were RIGHT THERE, because I was so close to the stage, and I was in shock, literally. I almost couldn’t breathe. As soon as they got onto the stage, they ran off and ran RIGHT TO THE END OF THE CATWALK. At this point, I was within arms reach of them. Reaching onto the catwalk with a million other people, we all tried to get their attention and grab their hands, with only a few succeeding. :D


Throughout the entire show, they kept looking out into the audience, and a few times, each of them MADE EYE CONTACT WITH ME, and I was so excited. I couldn’t believe that it was happening.


The Setlist [which didn’t change between the dress rehearsal and the concert] was:


"That's Just the Way We Roll"
"Hold On"
"BB Good"
"Goodnight and Goodbye"
"Video Girl"
"Gotta Find You"
"This Is Me" with Demi Lovato
"A Little Bit Longer"
"I'm Gonna Getcha Good" [Shania Twain Cover]
"Still In Love With You"
"Year 3000"
"Pushing Me Away"
"Hello Beautiful"
"Love Bug"
"Can't Have You"
"Play My Music"
"Burnin' Up"

"When You Look Me In the Eyes"


After playing the entire concert, they left the stage, and I was in complete shock. I couldn’t believe that had just happened … and that I was that close! We then ran to the bag check, grabbed our stuff, and went back to the hotel. We went for a midnight dinner run, and then spent the rest of the night spazzing in the hotel room, barely getting any sleep. We turned on the TV, and watched the Live @ Much that they were replaying. The craziest thing was that during the show, they kept reading signs that they saw out loud – and we saw those that morning walking down the line! It was craaazy. We were so pumped for the next day. Because remember – what we had just seen wasn’t even the concert!


The next morning, we woke up around 8AM, and got all ready to go. However, the next thing we knew, it was 11AM. We had all fallen back asleep! We grabbed our cameras, wallets, and whatever else we needed and BOLTED to the car. We drove to the Molson Amphitheatre, and went straight to the merch table. After spending $120 on merch, we met these really cool girls. They had their mom with them, and she was just as excited as them, it was hilarious. She was singing all the songs along with us, and raving about how gorgeous she thought Joe Jonas was. We took a few pictures with them, because they had cutouts of the boys’ heads [even Frankie!]. After an hour or so out there, we went in to the actual grounds, and checked out everything that was going on. We went in and waited on a bridge that overlooked the bridge that took you backstage. It’s the bridge that the tour busses had to go over, so we waited there. As we were waiting for the busses, we saw the boys’ stylist, vocal coach, camera crew, and more. After a while, we got kicked off the bridge, so we moved to a little area, and stood against the barricade that was blocking off the area with the tour busses. After about 20 minutes of waiting there, I saw 2 girls with brows hair wandering around, and I was like ‘WAIT A SECOND!’ I said [pretty quietly] ‘OMG, its Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato!’. So me and the girl next to me yelled ‘SELENA! DEMI!’ and they turned around and smiled and waved, and then went into their tour bus. A few hours of waiting and doing Jonas sing-alongs, and the boys’ tour bus pulled in! They weren’t in it, though. It was just crew and their equipment. So we were talking to the security guard [Security 643, Dan] and he made us leave. However, he PROMISED us that if the boys came out to talk to the fans there [which he swore they wouldn’t], then he owed us a meet and greet. Sadly, they never came out. K


So after a while, we were told to get in line. We didn’t really want to, because we already had seats so we didn’t have to rush … but we did anyways. Then this man with a video camera came by and was asking who was at the dress rehearsal the night before. We told him that we were, except I needed to be 21 or have a guardian with me to be on camera, so I couldn’t do it. It turns out that the man who I talked to about it was the man who films the boys’ crazy YouTube videos [example: http://youtube.com/watch?v=MTQ3gh6I1oU] Haha, I love that one. Anyways, so we were talking to him, and he was gushing about how amazing the boys were and how nice they are. The girl who ended up getting interviewed used a random woman from the crowd as her “mother” and that put the others and me in a horrible mood, because that wasn’t fair at all. That interview was going on the Official Jonas Brothers YouTube channel. But I think I’ll still be in it, at least, because the man did a video sweep of the crowd around her.


Anyways, after a few hours [yes, I realize how many hours over the past 2 days we spent waiting to get in to the 2 concerts], we were allowed in. We went straight to the merch table, because there was no line. I needed to get more, because they didn’t have everything outside. So once I turned around to leave, I’m sure there were like 1000 people behind me, it was intense. So then we were walking around, and we found a Z103.5 tent that was blasting the Jonas Brothers CD, and taking pictures of people beside a giant Jonas Brothers cut out. After that, we went in and found our seats [which were a lot closer than we though, but obviously not as good as the ones the night before…]. We sat there for – you guessed it – an hour or so, and then we heard screams. These are very common when the Jonas Brothers are in the area. So we looked around, and saw Jordan Francis [J-Man, as the Jonas’ call him], and Michael Seater walking around. So we watched them for a little bit, and then we sat around, talking to the people all around. People at Jonas Brothers concerts are so nice … haha. It’s awesome. So then they played the Jonas Brothers’ Breakfast Breaks commercial on the big screen [http://youtube.com/watch?v=i6ZXY9YW6bU] which of course brought on screams, and then everything went dark. Demi Lovato’s band came on, and they played a little intro … leading to DEMI running onto the stage! Her Setlist was:


"That's How You Know"
"La La Land"
"Day Dream"
"Get Caught"
"Until You're Mine"
"2 Worlds"
"Get Back"


Then Demi left, and there was around 45 minutes of … cleaning up the stage, setting up for Jonas, and … SCREAMING. After all the waiting, the Jonas Brothers finally hit the stage again. [You can see all Demi and Jonas pictures on my profile . And videos to come]


After the show, we left the venue and sat on the lawn waiting for Justine’s parents. There were hundreds of people out there on the lawn in front of the Amphitheatre, and every couple minutes a car drove by blasting Jonas music, and pumped everyone up again. Everyone waiting there were looking at pictures and videos on their cameras, looking at their merch, and SCREAMING. I was pretty used to it by then. Every few minutes as well, there were SCREAMS coming from the parking lot because they seemed to think that the Jonas Brothers were in every single car that drove by. However, I did manage to catch a glimpse of curly mops in the back on an SUV leaving the show that night, on the way to Detroit. :)


When we got back to the hotel, we were all wearing out Jonas t-shirts, and were questioned about the concert on the way up the elevator. There were these people [I’d say 23ish? 2 guys and 3 girls] asking how the show was. All of them except for 1 girl knew who the Jonas Brothers were, and they were trying to get her to realize who they were. It was funny watching those people singing their songs and such.


When we got back up to the hotel, we got some money and went down to Subway for a midnight dinner again. We got huge drinks [our throats were dead from the past 2 full days] and we spent the whole night watching videos and looking at pictures, again. 

Most amazing 2 days ever.

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